Level 4 Hail Storm Hits Dallas TX 3/16/16 – Hail Damage Report

Tarping a Roof

Level 4 Hail Storm Hits Dallas TX. Texas is well known for large size hail. You know what they say everything is bigger in Tx. Check out this video from Dallas TX 3 year ago. This size hail can cause some major damage.

Buffalo, NY Was hit with a level 2 Hail Storm. There was only 5 other areas hit yesterday. All of them were level 1 hail storms.

Abilene, TX

Philadelphia, PA

Albany, NY

Binghamton, NY

Wichita Falls, TX

I see Abilene, TX got hit again. It seems like Abilene gets hit all the time. I see it pop up on my hail reports all the time.

Hail Damage Reports from

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