Level 3 Hail Storm Hits Springfield, IL 3/15/16 – Hail Damage Report

Looks Like 13 areas was hit by hail storms yesterday. The worst areas that was hit was Springfield, IL with a level 3 hail storm. Milwaukee, WI was hit with a level 2 hail storm. All the others areas was hit with level 1 hail storms.

Louisville, KY

Fort Wayne, IN

Memphis, TN

St. Louis, MO

Evansville, IN

Chicago, IL

Des Moines, IA

Indianapolis, IN

Davenport, IA

Cincinnati, OH

All hail report info is from:

I found a short video on how hail is made. Did you know that the biggest recorded size hail is 8 inches in diameter. You wouldn’t want to get hit in the head with that! Enjoy the video




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