Hail Damage Roofing in Jonesboro Arkansas

Hail damage roofing in Jonesboro Arkansas. In this video with Rick Poe you will see just how big the Hail was in that area. We have started getting a lot of jobs in this area the past week.

Its very important that you call us fast to get start on the insurance claim process. Here are just a few reasons why.

  1. Insurance company know that the area has been hit with a hail storm and they will just want to get all the claims done fast. Sometimes the hail damage is marginal. In the first week after a hail storm the adjusters are buying almost all the roofs even if the hail damage on your roof is not that bad.
  2. Some insurance company have a time limit to making a claim. I know this first hand. I had one roof that I didnt go to the adjusters meet because the damage was so bad I just knew that the adjuster would buy the roof, boy was I wrong about that. I had to call for a re inspection. This time a manager come out with the adjuster. I couldn’t tell if they were adjusters or scientist. After there inspection they come over to me and sad that its old damage so it was not covered. I did get them to buy the roof but it did take a little work.
  3. After time your roof could start leaking causing interior damage.

For more information give us a call and talk with Rick or me. We are here to help!

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