Free Acumen Claims Processing System For Storm Damaged Areas

Bryant, AR – Local Contractor, Acumen Contracting LLC in Bryant, Ar., with locations in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas, has developed a claims processing system (Acumen Claims Processing System) for working with homeowners and their insurance companies.

Acumen Claims Processing System was developed to work with homeowners, their insurance company, their mortgage company, and the Acumen Contracting production team to more efficiently process claims and complete repairs.

Acumen Contracting LLC officials have said that the claim processing system will have multiple benefits for the homeowners. First, a member of their storm damage assessment team will perform a complete inspection of storm damaged property, ensuring that all damaged items are listed for payment. Second, their former adjusters will complete a summary using the industry standard pricing program. This will be used to compare with the inspection report you receive from your insurance provider. Any and all errors, mistakes, or omissions will be supplemented to insurance provider, ensuring that the homeowners receive all money owed. And finally, their production team will complete all the repairs, restoring your home to its original condition.

Acumen Contracting LLC will be working in the Bryant, Benton, Jonesboro and Hot Springs area to process insurance claims from the hail storm of March and April 2015. Most insurance company’s only give one year to get all repairs completed. Acumen Contracting will be working 6 days a week 7am till 7 pm to help process all the claims from last year’s storms.

The Acumen Claim Processing System was first developed By Rick Poe, of Bryant, Ar., and Richard Levisee of Little Rock, Ar. owners of Acumen Contracting LLC. This system allows them to more effectively process claims and get the repair work done quickly.

Acumen Contracting LLC has been working with a team of programmers to design a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program for the past 2 years. The CRM is the key component of the system that links all elements of the insurance claims, the restoration production team, and the homeowners. This allows them to handle a massive amount of insurance claims.

Acumen Contracting LLC is an insurance restoration company that specializes in helping homeowners through the entire process, from storm damage assessment, to filing claims and supplements, to completion of repairs.

To learn more about the Acumen Claim Processing System, please contact:

Richard Levisee or Rick Poe
1403 Rodeo Dr.
Bryant, Ar. 72022

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