How to file a insurance claim – Make my roof great again

How to file a insurance claim

How to file a insurance claim?

The best way is to start by working with a company Like Acumen Contracting. We have years of experience working with insurance and mortgage companies. About 98% of the work we do is insurance-related.

Is your insurance adjuster one with lots of experience?

I have found that homeowners never think about who is coming out from the insurance company to take a look at there home to find out if there is damage. But the home owner is always wanting to find out who we are and if we are the type of company that they want to do business with. We always encourage our potential customers to research on our company. What you want is someone looking out for you. We make sure that all the damage that needs to be payed for is payed for at the right price.

Most insurance adjuster do a great job

Most of the adjuster that work for your insurance companies do a great job. But its like any other business or job you have good ones and bad ones. You as a home owner may never no. That where we come in to double-check everything. Even the best insurance adjusters can make mistakes sometime. Its always a good idea to get a second opinion on your storm damage claim.

Insurance adjuster missed the whole roof

I was called out to look at a roof in Pine Bluff Arkansas. The homeowner made a claim after a big storm hit his house. He called me about a year later. The insurance company only paid him to make repairs to the sheet rock in side the house. The total claim was a little over $900.00 so after the insurance company took out the $1000.00 dollar deductible. He was left with $0 to make repairs. The adjuster missed the whole roof. The home owner didn’t know that the adjuster made a big mistake. He just figured that is just the way it is. He got up on the roof and made some repairs to stop the roof from leaking but it didn’t last and he had to call us.



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